Postage stamp designer Johannes Troyer

The Austrian sculptor, graphic artist and painter Johannes Troyer (1902-1969) studied at art schools in Innsbruck, Munich and Vienna. Following Austria’s 1938 annexation by Nazi Germany, he moved to Liechtenstein together with his Jewish-borned wife and his mother. They lived in Vaduz up until their emigration to the USA in 1949. Troyer had a major influence on Liechtenstein philately during this period, designing more than half of the 113 stamps issued between 1939 and 1949. The collection of the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum includes the original designs of these postage stamps as well as sketches and preliminary designs created by Troyer. With this exhibition at the Liechtenstein PostalMuseum, the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum is commemorating the postage stamps of Johannes Troyer, who was born 120 years ago, returned to Austria from the USA in 1962 and died in Innsbruck in 1969.


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29.9.2022 – 26.2.2023