Unfortunately, the corona protective measures do not allow guided tours offers or inde-pendent exhibition visits until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

The Liechtenstein NationalMuseum will be happy to support you as you help your pupils achieve their learning goals. Our diverse exhibitions full of exciting exhibits provide a great opportunity to learn about many areas of interest.

Various learning activities are available. They are structured in a diversified way, specific to each age group and using a range of learning methods. The activities can be used as a supplement to lessons at school.

Furthermore, we are always pleased to receive suggestions and comments in order to further develop our range of activities. Simply use the feedback form.

Visit without a guided tour

Groups of pre-school and school children with an accompanying person are welcome to visit all the exhibitions at the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum independently without a guided tour. Pupils up to 17 years of age receive free admission (incl. teacher). Here you will find all opening hours. Please read the instructions for your stay before coming to the museum.

In order to avoid bottlenecks in the exhibition rooms, we kindly ask you to book at least 14 days before your visit. Thank you.

Introductory events for teachers (in German)

The education & learning department at the museum organises regular introductory events for teachers about the permanent exhibition and special exhibitions. These events are held in cooperation with the Liechtenstein education authority and are recognised as training courses for teachers employed by the authority.
Introduction for teachers to the special exhibition «Global happiness – what do we need to be happy?»
With the additional exhibition «Solidarity – because Liechtenstein cares about the wellbeing of everyone»

Thursday, 27. August 2020 , 18.00 - 20.00 
From April to mid-September 2021, the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum is showing its new special exhibition “Fairy tales, legends and symbols”. It looks back on around 40,000 years of images, stories and symbols as important components of the culture of remembrance and collective identity. "Fairy tales, legends and symbols" is dedicated to the culture of storytelling, reading and listening as important components for the development of language, imagination and creativity. The pictures, their meaning and classification are of great importance. Many of the images created today are based on ancient structures.
The introductory event is aimed at teachers of all school levels. It offers an insight into the content and concept of the exhibition and presents the level-specific offer for kindergartens and schools.
The event is carried out as a course on May 20th, 2017 for continuing education for teachers of the education authority.

Register for the event here.

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