Fairy Tales, Sagas and Symbols

1.4.2021 – 12.9.2021

How did the world and life come into being in all its diversity, what is the plan of the supernatural powers that determine destiny, what are the causes of evil, illness and death, and of what extraordinary deeds are there new insights? With its new major exhibition, Liechtenstein NationalMuseum is presenting the topics of fairy tales, myths, legends, fables and sagas, which form a fundamentally important part of every culture and its collective memory. The exhibition pursues themes that course through the narratives of people from different cultures. These themes start deep in prehistory and spread at an early stage. They unfold in the myths, sagas, fables, legends of antiquity and lead into the world of our European fairytales, which were initially handed down only orally. The world of Liechtenstein sagas is also showcased.

LIVE-STREAM Vernissage Wednestay, 31st March 2021, 6 pm klick here.

The following books will be published for the exhibition:

Fairy Tales, Sagas and Symbols
Liechtenstein Sagas
Nibelungenlied Genia Chef

Audio Fairy Tales, Sagas and Symbols