Witch hunting in Papua New Guinea

25.3.2021 – 9.5.2021

LIVE-STREAM VERNISSAGE Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 6pm Link

The photo exhibition depicts Sister Lorena Jenal, a Human Rights Awardee of Weimar, about her works and struggles against hatred and witchcraft related violence. Since the 1970s, the Swiss missionary has been living in Papua New Guinea and has been helping families in need.

Sustained by her passion for justice and moral obligations, with exemplary courage and energy, she denounces the new waves of human rights violations due to witchcraft allegations.
There is a picture that shows a woman who was saved by Sister Lorena. Since the criminals are at large and the police failed to do their duties, Sister Lorena has brought this case to the United Nations in Geneva. In addition to the fight for justice, Sister Lorena focuses on the psychological help of the women who are shown in this exhibition. Sister Lorena wants to set up a Women‘s Protection Centre in cooperation with missio Aachen and with donations coming from countries in Europe.