Ink Art - Zhang Ding

23.1.2020 – 25.10.2020
Zhang Ding (1917-2010), also known as Tashan, a native of Heishan, Liaoning, China, is a modern Chinese artist, educator, professor of Tsinghua University, dean of the former Central Academy of Arts and Crafts. He has served as the executive secretary of the China Artists Association, the executive director of the China Artists Association, the director of Mural Art Committee of China Artists Association, the vice chairman of the China Arts and Crafts Association, the member of the Chinese National Academy of Painting, and the chairman of the Huang Binhong Research Association of China.

Zhang Ding is versatile and knowledgeable. During nearly 80 years of his artistic creation career, he has engaged in a wide range of fields. He is a great artist who has made achievements in different historical periods and different art categories. As an artist who not only is closely related to the history of the 20th century and national destiny, and who but also is constantly moving between salvation and revolution, the East and the West, the modern and the traditional, literati and folk, painting and design, and between the city and the landscape, he is known as the “overpass

for Chinese art in the 20th century”.