From the Half to the Whole Electorate. 40 Years of Women's Suffrage in Liechtenstein

40 years ago, on the election weekend of 29 June/1 July 1984, Liechtenstein's men said yes. They said yes to women's suffrage and the right to stand for election, thereby agreeing to expand the circle of those who belong to the electorate of Liechtenstein.

The road to this point was not easy. It required pressure both on the domestic political and foreign political front before Liechtenstein women were granted the right to participate in decision-making. However, with the introduction of women's suffrage, the legal equality for women was nowhere near completed in Liechtenstein.

We are delighted that the Liechtenstein National Museum is honoring the 40th anniversary of the introduction of women's suffrage with this exhibition. It showcases the ultimately successful path to its implementation but also examines the question of what has happened in terms of gender equality since 1984. In this way, the exhibition provides the opportunity to reflect on where Liechtenstein stands today regarding gender equality.


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Join us on our live stream opening on Monday, 1 July 2024, 6 pm.


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2.7.2024 – 26.1.2025