Postal Museum Liechtenstein

The Postal Museum is a branch of the Liechtenstein National Museum.


The Postal Museum Liechtenstein exists since 1930. It was founded with the intention of creating a special collection which would comprise stamp issues from 1912 and with their original designs, engraving plates and print proofs, etc., exchange stamps of Universal Postal Union countries as well as numerous documents and historical postal equipment. Furthermore, the founder of the idea, Consul H.W. Sieger, donated a valuable philatelic collection to the Postal Museum.

In 1936 the Postal Museum opened as an exhibition. Since then it has changed its location a number of times. In summer 2002 it moved to new premises on the first floor of the Engländer building, at Städtle 37 in Vaduz.


The Postal Museum collects and preserves important documents regarding Liechtenstein’s philately and the history of its postal services, and makes them accessible to a wider audience in the exhibition.

The assets of the Postal Museum include:

• the Liechtenstein philatelic collection, complemented by templates and exhibits from stamp production
• a collection of stamps from Universal Postal Union countries
• documents regarding the history of postal service and communications
• artworks by stamp designers
• the postal history library