Thoughts – Leng Bingchuan

In Leng Bingchuan’s “ink engravings” - a process he developed himself - we find colour, sound and smell. There’s also history, religion, poetry; there’s heaven, earth, the living world; there’s solitude and eternity...these representations and the truths that lie behind them.

A Brief Biography of Leng Bingchuan
Leng Bingchuan is a Chinese contemporary artist. Leng graduated from Netherlands National Minerva Art Academy in 1996 (Groningen) and graduated from Collage of Fine Arts of University of Barcelona with Doctor´s Degree (1997–2014). Now Leng lives and develops his artistic activities in Barcelona and Beijing.

Bananenblätter im Regen
Leaves of Banana in Rain
1997, 50x38cm
© Leng Bingchuan 
2001, 50x38cm
© Leng Bingchuan
Der frostige Mond
The Frosty Moon
2000, 50x42cm
© Leng Bingchuan 
 Das Streben nach Perfektion
The pursuit of perfection
2010, 70cm×50cm
© Leng Bingchuan
Prinzessin 7
Princess 7
2004, 180x125cm
© Leng Bingchuan
 König und Königin
King and Queen
2006, 150x150cm
© Leng Bingchuan