9th United Designs Liechtenstein 2017 – Messages to Humanity
The exhibition
Our world is in crisis because we are losing ‹love and forgiveness› over greediness in economics as well as in our personal desire. Greediness leads our behavior in a way that we neither trust nor care about neighbors nor other living beings. This exhibition is a collection of messages about ‹love and forgiveness› which should remind us of our coexistence in this fragile world. Each nation and culture has quotations about ‹love and forgiveness› which emphasise our responsibility in society.

The posters shown in this exhibition are based on those particular quotations from different cultures in the world. Each designer expresses these messages by experiencing the typography of his or her own writing system. And therefore offers a personal experience to all visitors which hopefully helps to make our world safe and sound again – for us and for the next generations.

UDA present its international exhibition in the Liechtenstein National Museum with the support from Spiral-Channels Support Association. The exhibition is curated by Professor Albert Inyoung Choi and Vlado Franjević.

United Designs Alliance (UDA)
United Designs Alliance (UDA) is a worldwide union of educators, professionals and students in visual communication design. It was initiated with the first «United Designs» Exhibition in 2004 and was established in 2014. Initiator, President and Executive Committee Officer of UDA is Professor Albert Inyoung Choi from South Korea.

UDA focuses on three activities: Performing the international poster exhibition «United Designs», organizing lectures by experts and editing the journal «Design Behaviors».

UDA seeks to establish an international network of professionals and educators in visual design communication. By exchanging experience and ideas from designers from all over the world UDA promotes international and intercultural creative interaction.
Christina Tomblin, Cyprus
Title: ΕΙΡΗΝΗ (Peace)

The artist about the work: A quote from the ancient Greek poet called Isiodos says: “Peace nurtures the children of the people on earth” inspired me to create this typographic image with letters Alpha and Omega which is the beginning and the end of the Greek alphabet suggesting that peace and love are the perquisites of living in harmony on our planet. 
 Andreas Tomblin, United Kingdom
Title: Peace

The artist about the work: John Lennon gave encouragement, inspiration and dreams to people regardless of their race, creed and gender.” Lennon’s work to change the world for the better is far from done and we should not just imagine a world of peace, we need to change ourselves and live up to our own potential and spread the ethos of peace through our own transformation and actions.